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  • 32 chapters of expertise divided into lessons
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  • 24 hours, around the clock, self-determined
  • Further training worth 9 diploma points
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When imaging diagnostics does not close the gap of information needed ... 

Where imaging diagnostic such as MRI does not provide a clear basis for decision-making about the specific planning of the surgical procedure, intraoperative neuromonitoring helps you to improve the outcome of the procedure.

 Never walk alone!

With our know-how on intraoperative Neuromonitoring, you are not left on your own in the OR.

Intraoperative neuromonitoring, -mapping and -stimulation are reliably at your side and close the gap of information! It offers security for you and your patients.

It provides orientation-giving signals for the actual anatomical structures in the specific surgical field during procedures on nerve and brain structures.



Step by Step

Competence for Safety * Satefy for Excellence

THE IONM ACADEMY has compiled and processed the diverse fields of knowledge needed for excellence.

Benefit from the knowledge transfer for all surgical areas from head to toe:

holistic on-line learning with integrating, monthly Q&A sessions

structured in modules from basic to advanced, accompanying for beginners to expert status for surgeons of all disciplines

Learn when you find time for it: on-line, on-demand 24h/7d for 3 months, on all five continents.

Curriculum's Learning Goals Module I

Module I Basic


Go well equipped with the knowledge acquired in module I to your surgical interventions to the operating theatre !

1) Solid foundation laid

You know the physiological mechanisms by which stimuli are transmitted in nerve and brain structures. During surgical interventions, it is now possible for you to detect what can influence the correct functions of the cerebral and neural structures.

2) Understanding set up

You can derive electrophysiological signals and more easily differentiate between healthy, damaged or pathological brain/nerve structure.

As a result, it is possible for you to differentiate intraoperatively between healthy, damaged or pathological brain/nerve structure. This enables you to identify sources of interference that can negatively affect your operative outcome.

3) OP assistance possible

Ahead of the operation, you will be able to develop basic strategies for the planned surgical intervention.

By deriving signals, you can already make initial conclusions about the meanings and consequences for the further intraoperative procedure. You will be able to develop and adapt strategies intraoperatively in order to assess existing damage and to prevent possible future damage caused by the surgical procedure.

Your surgical specialist knowledge decides upon

the patient's functionality after the surgical procedure!

Reduce risk, save from loss of functionality


  • Voicelessness after surgery on the thyroid gland
  • Paralysis of arms and legs after surgery on the brain and spinal cord, neck, chest and lumbar spine
  • Loss of the senses after interventions in the head area
  • Incontinence of urine and stool, artificial side exits for interventions in the small pelvis
  • Sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction in pelvic surgery

Is this module an advantage for you?


Experts who benefit from the content of this module on the way to operational excellence


Doctors in Training up to Top Experts

Regardless what phase of life or professional reality

Surgical Disciplines

Neurosurgery, traumatology, trauma surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, endocrine surgery, aortic vascular surgery, coloproctology, urology, gynecology, ENT specialists, plastic surgery

Narcotic Doctors

from the areas of anesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine

Referring, clarifying physicians,

for whom brain and nerve-sparing surgical techniques can be relevant

general practitioners, doctors for internal medicine, neurology

Biomedical technicians



Doctors, who do nerve-sparing, surgical interventions, who

  • assist, accompany, supervise
  • carry out
  • be responsible
  • lead through, establish, introduce, build a team for it


Biomedical technicians who perform neuro-monitored surgical interventions

  • accompany and support

Never walk alone - Growing together

Learn and exchange ideas about IONM-topics!



If at least two people per department of a hospital or organization participate, both will receive a credit of 50,- EUR for participating in Module II to promote professional exchange.

Let us know about your participation as a group or team via:

If you name and recommend another person for whom module I may be interesting, you will receive a credit of 50,- EUR for module II as a thank you-note as this person also books module I and takes part in it.

Recommendations send to:


Growing together


If you name and recommend an expert for IONM lectures, you will receive a credit of 100,- EUR for Module III as a thank you-note if a lecture finally takes place at THE IONM ACADEMY.

Send recommendations to:

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