Safe your high demand biomedical IONM - Consulting

for highly complex surgical procedures

when you want to focus on the surgical procedure and

are in need of additional biomedical-technical IONM - Consulting-support

Biomedical, Intraoperative Neurmonitoring-Expertise

DI(FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc - IONM Training and References

  • in 2001 in Austria he was one of the first in in the field of intra-operative neuromonitoring in theory and application
  • numerous specializations in Austria, Germany, USA
  • from 2010 on international professional engagement in the field of IONM
  • IONM - application specialist – more than 1.500 monitored IONM -supported surgical procedures
  • Training of medical technicians and doctors
  • Location: Greater Europe (Europe, Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Union, South India)

Gain professional competence and security

preserve nerv function, on your way to surgical excellence

Avoid loss of function!

When imaging diagnostics does not close the gap of information needed ...



Where imaging diagnostic such as MRI does not provide a clear base for decision-making about the specific planning of the surgical procedure, intra-operative neuromonitoring helps you to improve the outcome of the procedure.

Step by Step

Competence for Safety * Satefy for Excellence


THE IONM ACADEMY bioMedical IONM - Consulting is meant for top-surgeons who want or need to focus on the high-demand, highly complex surgical procedure and decide for an expert in biomedical-technical IONM - Consulting during the highly-complex surgical procedure. It includes: 

We join you in your hospital in the operating theatre after preoperative preparation according to IONM - checklists including ...

  • Clarification of the biomedical IONM - Consulting-request
  • Case-Briefing by surgeon(s) prior to the surgical procedure
  • Clarification of the technicall support needed
  • Feedback to topics unsolved
  • Briefing of the surgical operating-theatre-team
  • Documentation according to check-lists

We provide biomedical-technical intraoperative neuro-monitoring during the surgical procedure, we use the IONM - tool available at your hospital.

After surgery we support you by ..

  • Debriefing and follow-up-course-work
  • Reporting
  • Learnings from surgical procedure

Never walk alone!


With our know-how on intraoperative neuro-monitoring, you are not left on your own in the OR.

Intraoperative NeuroMonitoring, -Mapping and Stimulation are reliably at your side and close the gap of information! It offers security for you and your patients.

It provides orientation-giving signals for the actual anatomical structures in the specific surgical field during procedures on nerve and brain structures




1) Procedure of booking & payment

You choose among the 4 IONM - Consulting-Units in terms of duration (6h, 8h, 10h, at most 12 h/day).

You decide upon the number of IONM - Consulting-Units for highly complex surgical procedures planned.

2) Procedure of allocation of IONM - Consulting-Units available

After booking and payment of the IONM - Consulting-Units (Days to 6h, 8h, 10h 12h) you receive an e-Mail to allocate the IONM-Units still available.

1 up to 2 IONM Consulting-Units per week are bookable.

Appointments cannot be booked via e-Mail, oral agreement or phone-call.
Due to limited resources the principle of ressource-allocation is "first pay, first serve".

Appointments are bookable 1 quarter of a year in advance at most at the beginning of each month.

Reduce risk, save from loss of functionality 

  • Voicelessness after surgery on the thyroid gland
  • Paralysis of arms and legs after surgery on the brain and spinal cord, neck, chest and lumbar spine
  • Loss of the senses after interventions in the head area
  • Incontinence of urine and stool, artificial side exits for interventions in the small pelvis
  • Sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction in pelvic surgery

Countries, disciplines and procedures suitable

for THE IONM ACADEMY IONM - Consulting


  • Europe
  • Middle East


  • Neurosurgery
  • Traumatology, Orthopedics, Hand-Surgery
  • Visceral Surgery
  • Vascular- and Aortic Surgery
  • Coloproctology, Urology, Gynecology
  • Ear-nose-throat-doctor
  • Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery


Surgical Procedures

  • Adults, teenager and children
  • Brain tumors, intramedular tumors, scolioses, TLIF, vascular surgery, thoracic aorta-surgery

Never walk alone - Growing together

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