Your THE IONM ACADEMY - Service-Package
for Leaders of Departments and/or 

Medical Directors

It takes special know-how, time and several steps to plan and build and organize an intra-operative-neuromonitoring-teams:
  • an overview of surgical procedures planned to perform
  • an IONM - expertise and corresponding training-concept needed
  • a certain period of time needed for team-building
  • the organizational preparations and adaptation

Your time is limited and precious!

Therefore, we have a special offer especially for you:

Within 2 weeks we tailor a training-concept for you -

along the needs of the surgical department and team!

Safe time - enlist our service, expertise and assistance:

We agree upon 2 appointments, 1 hour each, within 2 weeks - and meet on-line or at your hospital - according to your wishes.

The first appointment is dedicated to analysis of your initial situation, and of the background your surgical team starts from, of the infrastructure given.

Within the following 2 weeks we tailor and adapt THE IONM-ACADEMY - Curriculum along your sugical-teams' needs and organizational goals. The curriculum consists of our THE IONM-ACADEMY learning-bricks on-line and makes sure the expertise needed is built within the time-frame given.

At the second appointment we present our analyses, conclusions, results and - most of all - the tailor-made IONM - training-concept which suits your surgical team/ department (expertise to be built, training-steps needed, time-frames needed, infrastructure, organizational steps to be taken, preparations, implementation-plan recommended).

Additional to the training- and team-qualification concept THE IONM ACADEMY

offers support in order to implement the concept:

THE IONM ACADEMY on-line Learningmodules

and THE IONM ACADEMY Coaching and - Consulting 

at your hospital / operating theatre!

Medical Disciplines

  • Neuro-Surgery
  • Traumatology, Orthopedics, Hand-Surgery
  • Visceral Surgery
  • Vascular and Aortic-Surgery
  • Coloproctology, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ear-Nose-Throat-Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery

Surgical Procedures

  • Adults, teenagers and children
  • Surgical areas from head to toe 
  • Brain tumors, intramedular tumors, scolioses, TLIF, pelvic surgery, thoracic aortic surgery, etc. ,...

Never walk alone - Growing together

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